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Project Management
project management

The PPC team will clarify the scope into details of the project and set up the schedule of events that will make the vision a reality. Budget development, site surveys, design details, team assignments, material procurement… these services are constantly monitored. Collaboration with your team and the PPC team is essential to ensure full comprehension at each project stage. The PM is fundamental at PPC and is directly related to the success of your project.

Control: Changes? What Changes?
Our team understands that schedules change and design changes… it’s all a part of the project! It is the PM’s responsibility to ensure the changes are controlled and completed. PPC may provide the product that everyone sees, but we know this is not all that you are dealing with. The final goal is always at the forefront of the PM’s mind and change may or may not be necessary. We’ll work with you to make that determination.
Execution: Making it happen!

Our Project Management team is your in-house representative; we utilize state of the art software and communication tools to ensure all parties have appropriate access to information that is pertinent to their tasks. This information is reported to our clients throughout the process.

The Customer Service objective of our PM team is to reach your goals on time, on budget and of the highest quality. We appreciate the opportunity to be your representative and to manage your project to deliver success.