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Innovative Product Solutions
innovative product solutions

PPC’s Innovative Product Solutions are geared towards getting the best possible price and product on site and within the client’s expectations. These professionals are well experienced in engineering, prototypes, value engineering, rollouts, and maintaining design and branding standards.

Manufacturing Control Documents - In the service of design to make concepts a reality
The M.C.D. team is responsible for all manufacturing directives and electronic production files. We work with the latest graphics programs to maintain accuracy throughout various design packages. We are tasked with taking a design and engineering to meet shop drawing standards. With experience in both Pre-Press and Manufacturing environments the M.C.D. team is capable of meeting any challenges that may come its way.
Planning / Estimating - Always thinking
Customer needs, cost savings, and team work are our core foundation. Providing value added services for manufacturing and project management by estimating, material procurement and manufacturing work center information. Our team’s efficient work flow maximizes cost reductions during procurement. Through value engineering we research every possible material option to obtain the most competitive price. Our 64 years of accumulated manufacturing knowledge helps streamline the planning phase.
Merchandise Assembly Documents - Creating clarity
PPC can provide detailed instruction drawings to communicate with installation crews exactly how décor elements and merchandising selling aides are to be assembled and installed. This level of documentation helps maintain the exact look and feel on site that the design was originally intended for.
Research & Development, Prototyping - Analysis and refinement
R & D minimizes potential difficulties when developing the prototype. Through creative problem solving, the prototype analysis defines the most effective manufacturing methods for rollout implementation. This scientific and technical approach to problem solving saves our clients time and money by eliminating failures.